Tips On How to Ship a Car to Another State as a Snowbird


Some people prefer to avoid the cold temperatures in the winter by moving to more tropical locations before the frigid cold sets in. These individuals are referred to as snowbirds. Relocating to a warmer area can be complicated, especially when you have a car to take with you. 

Fortunately, shipping a car to another state is much more convenient than having to drive that distance in harsh winter weather and then doing it again when the temperatures become sweltering in the heat of summer and holiday travelers are consuming the roadways. 

Often, snowbirds are retirees or people capable of a more flexible lifestyle. The typical destinations when winter weather threatens bitter cold in the northern regions are Texas, Florida, California, and Arizona, not just for the comfortable climate but for the stunning landscapes. 

When winter gives way to spring, these travelers pack up their holiday homes and begin the journey back to their primary residence, typically in April, with the transition referred to as “spring migration.” Again, cars need to be transported for prompt, stress-free auto-delivery. 

Why Hire Professional Car Shipping Experts as a Snowbird 

Snowbirds spend a couple of months during the year preparing to travel to opposite sides of the country to support a comfortable climate throughout the year. These individuals are often retirees or people with a more flexible schedule capable of more freedom with their lifestyle. 

The priority is to hire professional car shipping services to transition their vehicle from one state to the next for the convenience of having transportation while in their new location. Learn tips on car shipping for snowbirds at

These carriers will offer peace of mind that the owner’s vehicle will arrive at the appointed destination in the fall and then again in the spring by using trusted and reliable drivers committed to auto protection. 

Here are some things to look for when considering the best auto transport company as a snowbird. 

Years in the industry and expertise 

Auto transport companies that have been in the business for years employ only the highest quality drivers, offering extensive safe driving training with the clients’ and their vehicles’ best interests as the priority. 

Seasoned professionals have the expertise to drive under any sort of hazardous conditions with the ability to navigate with the utmost care to ensure the auto’s greatest protection. 

Whether the car is your daily drive, a classic asset, or a luxury investment, the same care and professionalism will be incorporated for a sound delivery. 

Prompt and convenient 

When making a major move twice each year, the goal is to ensure that the process is as fast and as convenient as possible. That means avoiding driving from one state to the next, something that takes substantial time and effort and carries considerable risk with it. 

Moving so frequently means you want to hire professional auto transport services used to working with the snowbird community. 

With the best shipper, you can have confidence that your vehicle is in capable hands with the assurance it will be delivered promptly with optimum protection as you reach your destination by flight. 

Further, these carriers offer insurance if incidents occur along the way that could lead to possible damage or loss. 

Transport tailored to your needs 

Varied transport methods are offered to suit diverse travel needs. Standard vehicles are typically hauled on open trailers, while classic, rare, or luxury cars are often shipped via enclosed carriers. The goal is to optimize the journey, ensuring each car’s needs are adequately satisfied. 

Each transport method is safe and effective when offered by a reputable car shipping service. The difference between the primary options is the exposure to the outdoors. The open-air trailer exposes the vehicle load on all sides to road debris, outside elements, and intrusion. 

The carrier is capable of hauling more cars than the enclosed trailer on a multi-level platform. 

The enclosed trailer is closed on all sides with complete protection from the outside elements and no visibility of the load from the outdoors. The method gives added peace of mind to anyone who prefers an extra layer of protection regardless of their vehicle quality. 

Enclosed transport is an additional investment from that of open transport, but many find the perks associated with the method worth the price point. 

The extra protection can be particularly important when traveling from the northern region to a warmer location, quite a distance as a snowbird, and traveling back in the spring. Read here for shipping options for snowbirds who choose to avoid driving. 

Final Thought 

When traveling as a snowbird from the north to a more tropical climate in the winter and then back home again as the temperatures warm up means shipping your car using a trusted, reliable auto transport company. 

The service’s promptness, protection, and convenience ensure the vehicle is delivered to your destination unscathed as you arrive from your flight. No more dealing with the cold temperatures or a fear of being without transportation with each move.